The Endocrine Disruption Exchange
From 2003 to 2019, TEDX produced and shared scientific evidence of endocrine disruption with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and the public. Although we are no longer operating, our website resources will remain available.

FrackHealth Database

About the Database

The TEDX FrackHealth Database is your source for peer-reviewed literature on health effects associated with unconventional oil and gas drilling.

In 2011 TEDX published the first study questioning the link between chemicals used in fracking and potential health effects. Since then, the number of studies has risen steadily. The FrackHealth Database puts this research at your fingertips, with search filters for the location of the study, type of health effect, exposure source and more.

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*Includes studies through August, 2019


The TEDX FrackHealth Database was maintained by searching PubMed and Web of Science for English language peer-reviewed studies that pertain to health effects of unconventional oil and gas drilling or fracking. Studies that do not address health outcomes were excluded. Otherwise, the database includes:

  • studies showing health effects and those showing lack of health effects   

  • a variety of publication types, from original research to commentaries, reviews, and systematic reviews

  • all types of exposures, such as air, water, and soil

  • all types of studies, such as human, animal, in vitro, health impact assessments, and risk assessments

  • both direct evidence (actual measurements of health outcomes) and indirect evidence (such as models or estimates of risk, or review articles)

This database was maintained by TEDX through August, 2019. For more recent studies see the citation database from Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy.