The Endocrine Disruption Exchange
From 2003 to 2019, TEDX produced and shared scientific evidence of endocrine disruption with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and the public. Although we are no longer operating, our website resources will remain available.

Endocrine Disruption Infographics and Fact Sheets

Endocrine Disruption Infographics

A picture says a thousand words. That’s why TEDX partnered with several nonprofits, including the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and a team of science advisors to reduce complex scientific concepts into simple, accurate, compelling illustrations.

Whether you’re an advocate talking to a policy maker, a professor teaching endocrine disruption, or a person concerned about your friends and family, our infographics are designed to help you.

Low Doses Matter depicts the connection between exposure to low concentrations of common EDCs, and chronic health problems that plague the modern world. Translations are available in Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Modern Science Matters explains how governments can better predict and respond to public health crises associated with EDCs by using modern scientific methods that are currently available.

Understanding Potency explains how the false assumption that endocrine disruptors have only one potency can have dire implications for protecting health.

Permission to use these infographics is granted for non-commercial purposes.

Endocrine Disruption Fact Sheets

TEDX's one-page fact sheet, Understanding Endocrine Disruption, is a brief non-technical overview of endocrine disrupting chemicals, how we are exposed to them, and how they affect our health. It also includes tips and links to help you reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors.

Who needs a fact sheet? Everyone from your congressional representative to your friends and family. Use it in your advocacy work or in the classroom, share it with your doctor or a loved one. By raising awareness of endocrine disruption you can help reduce exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and promote good health.

Download TEDX’s Endocrine Disruption Fact Sheet:

Understanding Endocrine Disruption (English)
Comprendiendo La Disrupcion Endocrina (Spanish)
Comprendre La Perturbation Endocrinienne (French)
Entendendo a Desregulaçâo Endócrina (Portuguese - Brazil)