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The weeks shown in color represent the start and end points of chemical exposure for each study.

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Results for Bisphenol A

Decreased RFRP3 fiber density and RFRP3-ir cells on post-natal days 28 and 33 at 50.0 μg/kg in females with decreased GnRH neurons with RFRP3 appositions on post-natal day 28 in females at the same dose level.

Subjects: Wistar (EGFP-GnRH) rats

Chemical: Bisphenol A

Low doses tested: 50.0 μg/kg bw/d

Other doses tested: 50.0 mg/kg bw/d

Route of administration: dissolved in sesame oil and ethanol and delivered subcutaneously

Exposure duration: post-natal day 0 – post-natal day 3 (comparable to human prenatal development from approximately day 1 of week 19 to day 1 of week 23)

Age of measurement: post-natal days 17, 21, 24, 28 and 33

Reference [PubMed Link]
Losa-Ward SM, Todd KL, McCaffrey KA, Tsutsui K, Patisaul HB. 2012. Disrupted organization of RFamide pathways in the hypothalamus is associated with advanced puberty in female rats neonatally exposed to bisphenol A. Biol Reprod 87(2):28.